What parents are looking for: Teachers encourage and challenge students appropriately Support is given when needed Teachers meet the students at eye level There are clear rules and regulations The school is not only a place of learning, but also a place to live The school is integrated within the wider community Pass rate is very high because of personalised attention

Teachers make an effort to find the right level of challenge
In a safe learning environment, lessons take different levels into account and weaker students are not exposed.

Feedback is more than just grades and naked numerical reports. Helpful comments are given on written work and project evaluations.

Twice a term more comprehensive information about the learning development is given in the school report.
On frequent consultation days and at parent-teacher meetings, teachers communicate with parents and students about their progress.
The school involves the students in important decisions through class representation at school councils.

Students are involved in assembly design and presentation and they participate in class trip organisation.

Within the lessons there is space for self-determination and creative freedom. For certain activities, the instructions do not come from above, but the steps are considered and agreed upon together.
Lessons start on time, students and teachers treat each other with respect, and work is returned promptly.

Principles of cooperation are anchored in the school policies and accepted by all.

If the agreements are violated, sanctions are given.
Care is taken with classroom decoration and with keeping the school and premises tidy and litter free. Contact and connections to local organisations such as sport clubs, public halls and theatres are made and developed.

Parents, artists, craftspeople and social workers such as environmental activists, are invited to contribute their experience and knowledge.
The teachers are not lone fighters The teachers allow colleagues or parents to participate in lessons.

They work together in teams, exchange experiences, attend training courses and have their performance evaluated.
Parents get involved in the school The school also promotes the parents' participation in committees, on school trips and excursions.

The parents support the work of the school through a support bursary foundation.
Parents also feel at home here Parents can attend information evenings and open days.

Regular meeting possibilities are offered for feedback and for receiving advice from the student’s perspective.

Parents are encouraged to talk to other parents or alumni and ask the school management for an interview.

The school management prioritises parent communication and will always organise readily to meet the request.
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Children enjoy going to school 1 Is the atmosphere pleasant?
Are the children learning enough?
Are the teachers engaged?

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