What to consider when choosing
AIS International School for your Child

Moving your life and family to a new country is an exciting moment. It can alse be daunting and bring many questions and also some challenges, from how to make a major relocation to one of the main decisions every family needs to make, which is the school to send your child to. Among these, one of the most important choices is between a national or international school.

At AIS International School, we welcome many families who have relocated to this area and helped them make the all-important decision of choosing the best place to educate their children. In this article, we help you answer some of the key questions you might have when considering where to educate your child when you move your family to Spain.

In your search for the right school, it is worth taking a look at local international schools and British schools to weigh up the pros and cons compared to national schools in your new location. Here are four good reasons why choosing a British international school like AIS for your child might be the right choice for you.

International Schools Promote a World Outlook

In our increasingly globalised world, it is becoming more important that our children understand the wider world and their place within it. International schools are enriched with a diverse school community which provides students with the skills and knowledge to equip them should they find themselves working or living in other countries. These culturally diverse spaces allow students to connect with children from all over the world, in addition, the teachers are often culturally aware and come from many different countries. At AIS International School, we have over 30 different nationalities of families in the school community and the school administration and teaching teams come from all over Europe, South America and Israel.

Teacher with children and their cultivated vegetable from the allotment

Break Down The Language Barrier at an English Speaking School

In most international schools the main language is English; so if you’re coming from an English-speaking country, your child will be able to integrate more quickly. Moving countries and schools can be challenging enough, so removing the language barrier will make the transition much smoother for them and take a weight off your mind too. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn the national language, in our case Castellano, and another one or two including Valenciano, the local language of Comunidad Valenciana. At AIS, in the playground the children speak in both English and Spanish. If your child needs support in learning the national language it is an integral part of the curriculum and there are also additional support classes available.

The British Education System is Recognised Around The World

This is a key factor to consider in your choice of school. Not only will the British curriculum equip them with education and qualifications that are globally recognised, but it will also mean that they can move seamlessly from one school to another if you move cities (or countries) again. At AIS, we teach the British curriculum, one of the most advanced educational systems in the world, internationally recognised and con-validated with the Spanish system for Bachillerato or university entry.

International Schools Support Vibrant Student Communities

When you join the community of an international school, you suddenly find yourself surrounded by people just like you who have faced similar challenges, share similar experiences, and understand you and your lifestyle. You and your children will have the opportunity to meet and share time with other expat families, as well as integrate with local families. The school staff can empathise with your child’s situation and are adept at helping new students settle in. AIS International School places great emphasis on the school community. Parents are able to assist in class, meet in craft groups and join in family excursions and festivals that are held regularly with the participation of the whole school community.

International schools are often found in capitals and other major cities that provide an education based on an international curriculum for an international community. The beauty of AIS International School is its captivating rural location while being only 10 minutes from key towns and cities here on the Costa Blanca.

Secondary students studying together

AIS International School is a privately owned BRITISH SCHOOL based in Alfaz del Pi on the Costa Blanca, with a STEINER-WALDORF INSPIRED educational model, dedicated to offering a UNIQUE and HOLISTIC learning experience. We feel proud that some of our families choose to relocate to this area of the Costa Blanca specifically for the possibility to bring their children to be educated at AIS.

Happy AIS students having lunch at an outdoor school community event

At AIS we follow the British National Curriculum complemented by a Steiner Waldorf perspective and Mindfulness practices, ensuring that equal emphasis is placed on solid academic foundation, artistic expression and socio-emotional development. It is a place for children to be authentic; to be able to grow, develop and learn in a supportive and creative environment.

“The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility, – these three forces are the very nerve of education.” R.Steiner

Learning through working in co-operation with one another and from an experienced and engaged teaching team who offer a personalised approach to the development and support of the wellbeing of each individual child.

If you’re looking for a British International school for your child on the Costa Blanca, get in touch with our admissions team here at AIS to find out more about us, and the unique AIS Educational Model.

Call us on +34 625295634 or email on [email protected] and of course see more on our website altea-international-school.es